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New Arrivals

This New Year has definitely set off to a right start with loads of different new releases from various manufacturers. After some trouble with Christmas shipment delays and meddlesome Customs procedures which saw parcels returned to the suppliers, we finally have most stock in hand...

- La Meridiana Miniatures: Winds of War 75mm figure; 2 mini-busts of a Colonial Militia and Contintental Infantryman

- Altores Studio: 6 new releases, including a Conquistador 1/10 scale bust and a 75mm European Crossbowman

- NutsPlanet: Indian Home Guard bust, Robot Anti-Squad Sergeant Bust, and a 75mm Infected Gangster

- Black Crow Miniatures have a new bust "Uther" sculpted by Raul Garcia Latorre

- Life Miniatures released a D-Day Commando bust

- Dolman Miniatures have produced a Worcester Yeomanry Cavalry bust

- Mercury Models have graced us with a new Mary Read figure as well as a Gladiator; more new releases are on the way.

Further new releases and re-stock will be arriving shortly from Tartar Miniatures, Bestsoldiers, Alexandros Models & Galapagos Miniatures.

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