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MINIPEDIA by Scale75

Do you want to learn how to paint miniatures? Do it with Scale75’s MINIPEDIA.

The first fully illustrated step-by-step book collection oriented towards miniature painting for all audiences and levels. A quick and comprehensive reference guide that compiles painting processes, materials, scales, types of figures, themes, techniques, mixtures, tricks... You’ll find EVERYTHING in MINIPEDIA.

A basic guide that you need to add to your shelf. More than 3,000 photographs will guide you through the learning process by means of very visual and educational steps. You’ll become a pro! If your painting skills are at an advanced level, you’ll discover new ways or tricks to paint your miniatures in the special LEVEL UP! chapters.

The MINIPEDIA is composed of 10 volumes, divided into themes. Each volume is about 70 pages long, arranged in a handy 18.2 cm x 24.5 cm format so you check them wherever and whenever you want.

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