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Sergio Durán  Spanish Buccaneer, 1671

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Sergio Durán Spanish Buccaneer, 1671

Model kit. Requires assembly and painting.

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75mm scale resin kit. Sculpted by Jonatán Monerris. Boxart by  Marc Masclans. Kit includes: 4 pieces

Sunset at Port Royale was something to be seen, a true wonder of beauty that would match any other of the thousand sunsets at a thousand different places that Sergio had been on his travels around the world. From the savage beaches raided by the slave hunters of Western Africa, to the mysterious hidden inlets of the Caribbean, where his footprints had been the first ones left by a human on the virgin sands, Sergio had visited places of unrivalled beauty.

Ironically, misery and war were the only reasons that made him leave Spain, setting sails to an uncertain destiny of glory and adventure. Who would have thought that he would join the Brothers of the Coast, some of the most despicable and vicious pirates that raided the treasure ships heading to his own motherland from the colonies? Who would have said that he would consider Captain Henry Morgan, one of the most hatred enemies of his fellow countrymen, a friend and a man of honor?

But life was a strange road… Barcelona had become unbearable for him. Before it all started, when he was a teenager, he even considered joining the city guard. He only wanted to serve their neighbors and get a decent position in life so he could marry Estefanía, his childhood love. But first the plague and then the Reaper’s War changed his plans. Life was very hard in the city and Estefanía’s father didn’t want a young man that had lost a leg in the war and whose only trade and future was to fight. Some hours before sailing to America, a Benedictine monk from Sant Pau del Camp married the couple in secret. He promised to forge a future for both in the New World, far away from the problems of the past.

That evening his mood was quite sulky. The gross songs of the drunken pirates inside the Tavern, the high-pitched laughter of the prostitutes and the usual hustle and bustle of that infamous port were nothing more than a distant murmur. His wedding anniversary always sunk him in a melancholic state, no matter the situation or the place.

The beauty of the sunset was beyond words, but nothing could compare to the fresh breeze of the Mediterranean, the smell of the pine trees towering over the small coves near his hometown. There, he had been happy… and someday he would be again.

Text courtesy of FeR Miniatures

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