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2nd Missouri Cavalry, Merrill’s Horse, 1863

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2nd Missouri Cavalry, Merrill’s Horse, 1863

Model kit. Requires assembly and painting.

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1:16 scale resin bust. Sculpted by Eduard Pérez. Boxart by Fernando Ruiz. kit includes: 2 pieces.

The second Missouri Cavalry regiment was raised from volunteers on 1861 and took its surname from his commanding officer, Colonel Lewis Merrill.

The regiment was raised in September, 1861 at Benton Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri. Before that, General John C. Fremont ordered to the then Captain Lewis Merrill to organize the regiment to be able to enter service in Missouri as soon as possible, as the state had frontiers with the Southern secessionists states of Tennessee and Arkansas where, from January 1862 to June 1863, they fought against the area’s guerrillas in harsh skirmishes.

This regiment’s uniform is different from what the 1861 regulations state for the cavalry arm. The forage cap that they wore had a Sky blue tone with an orange edge around the top of it and also showed the letter that indicated the company, in contrast to the regulation caps that had to be of the same dark blue of the uniform’s jackets.

The jacket, in dark blue, has a yellow stripe in the chest front, the cavalry arm color, very similar to the one that was present in the jackets of the regiment’s musicians but without horizontal stripes.

Text Courtesy of FeR Miniatures

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