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Model kit. Requires assembly and painting.

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1:8 scale resin bust. Sculpted and painted by Raffaele Picca. Kit includes: 7 pieces.

As his father Wulfensepp and his grandfather before him, every young man of Baerkrom’s tribe had to go out and hunt down an animal with his bare hands. It is told in the legends that the spirit and strength of the animal will then become one with the hunter and will stay and protect him forever.

Most young men come back with the pelts of the animal and wear it for tribal gatherings or for tribal fights for power. It is a sign of pride and tradition, but Bearkrom was always a bit different than other boys. The others used to come back with a fox, a bobcat, sometimes something smaller or something bigger. But the last time someone had killed a bear with his bare hands was long forgotten.

The barbarian gods hunted for bears, tigers, lions, sabretooth and the like. The most dangerous of all animals. Baerkrom is now the strongest warrior of his tribe, even if he may not be the leader as he is not the wisest. But his honesty and strength have always served him well.

Text Courtesy of FeR Miniatures

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