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Crazy Horse, 1870s


Crazy Horse, 1870s

Model kit. Requires assembly and painting.

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1:9 scale resin bust. Sculpted by Stepan Nikolaev. 

This kit can be assembled in many versions. It includes two heads, different head coverings, different types of chest ornaments, and much more. Even the earrings were made as separate details. You can use details included in the kit or make by yourself a "canonic version" of the appearance of the young Crazy Horse: round wire rings, with a suspended pebble.


The name was not chosen by chance. Once again we wanted to remember the name of the great warrior and one of the most worthy sons of Lakota people. Unfortunately, there is not a single photo of Crazy Horse, he refused to be photographed even after the end of his struggle. This fact made our work a little easier. Looking through photos of North American Natives and seeing a huge number of very expressive faces, we decided that this new kit should be a bust. The main idea was to show our hero on a horseback, so that the horse head and neck could be seen in all details, because these wonderful animals have rich facial expressions too. Moreover when the horse is reared up for example for the convenience of finding a target by an experienced shooter, the rider is as close as possible to the horse's neck. This is the best moment to show it in the bust of a man on a horseback.

We like the version that some of the Indians in the Battle at Little Bighorn were armed with the famous "Yellowboy" Winchester carbines mod.1866, so we decided to give an accurate 1:9 model into the hands of a Crazy Horse riding on a crazy horse! 
Text courtesy of Himini

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