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General Robert E. Lee, 1865

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General Robert E. Lee, 1865

Model kit. Requires assembly and painting.

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75mm scale resin kit. sculpted by Eduard Pérez. Boxart by Fernando Ruiz. kit includes: 17 kit parts


Historians agree to say about Robert E. Lee that he was “beloved by his countryman, feared by his enemies, and respected by both”.

He was son of an American Revolutionary War hero, Harry Lee, better known as “Light Horse Harry”. He had a hard infancy when as he had to look after his mother and brothers after the death of his father. He studied in the prestigious West Point Military Academy and graduated the second of his promotion. During the Mexican-American War, he was in charge of the supervision of the earthworks and fortifications, suffering wounds in the battlefield and being condecorated by General Winfield Scott himself for his contribution in the war. After that, was transferred to the cavalry service.

During the famous John Brown’s Raid in 1859, Lee was in charge of the forces that stopped Brown in Harpers Ferry. In 1861, he refused to take the command of the federal army, offered to him by President Abraham Lincoln, to quell the rebellion of the Southern States. He was against the war, but for him it was a matter of utmost importance to protect his own state of birth, Virginia, against an invasion force.

As he was was absolutely against slavery and the war, his position in the Confederacy was a bit awkward at first. But his loyalty for his native state was strong enough to finally taking part in the Civil War along the Confederacy for Virginia. Historian Thomas R. Flagel describes Lee: “The best and the worst that can be said of Lee is that he fought for Virginia first and last”.

At first he was assigned to supervise the Atlantic coastal strongholds that protected the South from the US Navy attacks and landings. On 1862, when General Joseph E. Johnston was wounded, Lee was designated as his substitute and took command of the recently re-named Army of Northern Virginia. Battles like Second Manassas, Fredericksburg or Chancellorsville made his name the stuff of legends. Lee won 11 of the main battles of the American Civil War. Finally, he commanded his forces in Gettysburg and, although they lost the battle, he led his men and he kept his army ready to fight until the war was over.

Winston Churchill said once about his personality, “one of the noblest Americans who ever lived”. His opponent in the battlefield, Ulysses S. Grant said, “There was not a man in the Confederacy whose influence with the people was as great as his”. Northern General Winfield Scott, called him the finest soldier he had ever seen.

Lee, was so admired by his men that, in the last days of the war, a young officer said to him “You are the Confederacy , General, it is you that they fight for”.

Our miniature depicts Lee riding his famous horse, “Traveller”, and wearing his grey Confederate Uniform with a slouch hat.

Text courtesy of FeR Miniatures

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