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Napoleon Bonaparte, Grenoble, 1815

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Napoleon Bonaparte, Grenoble, 1815

Model kit. Requires assembly and painting.

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54mm scale resin kit. Sculpted by Eduard Pérez. Boxart by Fernando Ruiz. Kit includes: 5 pieces

“Before I reached Grenoble they thought me a soldier of fortune. When I got there I became a prince” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte is easily the most studied personality of the XIX century. The incredible accomplishments of his career, from a relatively modest family in the small town of Ajaccio, Corsica, to being equally admired and feared as the ruler of a European Empire forged by war, explain how this leader left his imprint on history, changing its course forever.

The last part of the Napoleonic rule is probably the most fascinating. We are talking about the events known as the “Hundred Days”. After his defeat by the forces of the Sixth Coalition, Napoleon Bonaparte escaped his confinement at the island of Elba, seized power in France again and gave his last stand in a small village near Brussels, whose name echoes as one of the most epic battles in the whole history: Waterloo.

One famous episode of those days occurred in the outskirts of Grenoble. After arriving by ship on Golfe-Juan, the Emperor started a route aimed to gather troops to form an army. The 5thLine regiment, under royalist control, was sent to engage and they meet at Laffrey. Napoleon addressed to them, saying these now famous words: Soldiers, do you recognize me? If there is one amongst you who wishes to kill your Emperor, here I am”. The troops immediately erupted in a rallying cry and both forces became one under his command. Fate was sealed.

Our figure portrays the Emperor wearing his Chasseur Colonel uniform during the events of that decisive moment.

Text courtesy of FeR Miniatuires

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