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Sneaky Pete

FeR Miniatures

Sneaky Pete

Model kit. Requires assembly and painting.

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1:12 scale resin bust. sculpted by Romain Van Den Bogaert. Boxart by Ben Komets. Kit includes: 4 pieces

Since school, Pete had always been considered a special person. Being the fat weird kid that would do anything for a snack doesn’t work very well towards building a reputation or getting some friends.

As soon as headmaster Derrick expelled him from the Cookers’ Guild school, the only professional inclination he ever had, he realized that people were not going to give in easily for his incessant obsession for food. He would need to do something to earn enough to put bread on the table…

He wasn’t very smart, but as he was not uncomfortable doing errands and turning a blind eye to dubious business he got a position as Lobby Boy in the main hall of the Thieves’ Guild. There he met his only friend, the troll Arold, who served as porter and henchman. They got along each other nicely, as Pete covered the lies of the incompetent troll, who rewarded him with tasty sausages of dubious origin…

Text courtesy of FeR Miniatures

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