FIMO General Information

General information about the oven-hardening product

  • FIMO can be hardened in the oven at 110 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature should not exceed 130 degrees.
  • Already hardened FIMO elements can be placed in the oven again when applying techniques that require multiple hardening processes.
  • All oven-hardening FIMO types are mixable with one another. 
  • The hardened modelling clay can be varnished with special FIMO paints or painted with suitable pens or acrylic and oil paints. 
  • FIMO can be sanded and polished.
  • Holes can either be made with a needle before hardening or drilled with a hand drill after hardening.
  • Broken FIMO parts can be easily attached again using super glue.
  • If you would like to produce arched FIMO elements, oven-proof moulds can be used to support the material.
  • FIMO should only be washed by hand, not in dishwashers, since dishwashing liquid is too aggressive and can harm the material.
  • To ensure that opened FIMO blocks don’t collect dirt or dust, we recommend storing them in aluminium foil or PE bags in a cool and dry place. Avoid contact with polystyrene, PVC and styrofoam.
  • FIMO that has become too hard can be kneaded until soft again using Mix Quick softener.

FIMO professional is ideally suited to miniature modelling, for example. Ready for use in your creative projects, the products are available in various colours and the following block sizes:

  1. Standard 85 g blocks
  2. Extra large 454 g blocks

FIMO blocks are divided into practical portions on the back. This makes it easier for you to blend colours to get the desired result. The FIMO block comes in resealable packaging for optimum storage.

Practical accessories for use with FIMO Professional

We also offer the relevant equipment you will need to work with FIMO Professional, including high-quality FIMO modelling tools. The following items are particularly suitable for use with FIMO professional:

  • Modelling tools with various tips for precise shaping and forming
  • Blades for effortless cutting without squashing the clay
  • Sanding sponges for sanding hardened FIMO surfaces
  • Clay scrapers for impressing and scoring patterns

With our modelling clays and tools, you will be optimally equipped to tackle FIMO projects of any size.

Tip: For easier kneading when working with firmer types of FIMO, you can use our FIMO Mix Quick Clay Softener. Simply knead it into the firm FIMO clay. This will then help soften the clay as you knead it.