Ever since we established our business, we have been running a loyalty scheme where our customers earn points with every purchase made, and these points are then redeemed as discounts in future orders.

In order to earn points, you will be required to have an account on the website. So register/log in prior to placing your order.

How it works

You will see a grey tab "REWARDS" in the centre bottom of the screen (or centre top on a tablet or mobile). Here you will see all the opportunities you have to gain points on our website. The pop-up window is rather self-explanatory:

Earning rewards:

  • You get 150 points for creating an account
  • You receive 5 points for every £1 purchase
  • Spend over £150 to receive 150 points

Spending rewards:

  • -   500 pts = £  5.00 off with a minimum spend of £35 (excl. VAT)

    - 1000 pts = £10.00 off with a minimum spend of £50 (excl. VAT)

    - 1500 pts = £15.00 off with a minimum spend of £65 (excl. VAT)

    - 2000 pts = £20.00 off with a minimum spend of £80 (excl. VAT)

    - 2500 pts = £25.00 off with a minimum spend of £95 (excl. VAT)

  • You may choose to redeem anything between 500 to 2500 points with every purchase, up to a maximum of 2500 points (£25) per transaction.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You may redeem only ONE voucher code with each order, to a maximum discount of 2500 points (£25.00).
  • The discount is applicable on PRODUCTS only at the NET price, that is, VAT is NOT included and shipping costs are not applicable to add up to the minimum amount required.
  • Please note that loyalty points cannot be applied to purchase Gift Cards.

To redeem your points, you need to do the following:

  1. Login to your account and add items to your cart. 
  2. When you are ready, before the checkout, click on the tab "REWARDS" at the bottom right corner of the website.
  3. A pop-up window will show you the points you have accumulated and the discounts you can get for those points.
  4. Select the number of points that you wish to redeem (500/1000//1500/2000/2500 points). A confirmation window pops up > click on REDEEM.
  5. The window then shows you a coupon code. Click on COPY to copy it and then close the window. (You will also receive an email with the code in case you wish to use it later on).
  6. At the checkout, paste the code in the box on the right (Discount) and click APPLY.
  7. The discount amount will be then deducted from the item(s) ordered.

Discount code application

For further information please read the FAQs in the REWARDS pop-up window.


1. The Rewards Scheme is subject to change, WITH prior notice given to customers by means of a direct email. Please ensure that your email address on our database is correct and that you are subscribed to our newsletter to make sure that you receive such email notifications.

2. If further changes are made to the Rewards Scheme, your loyalty points will be protected and may always be redeemed according to the terms and conditions of the Rewards Scheme.

3. Any points earned over a period of time are not transferable to third parties and may not be redeemed for cash without a purchase.


  1. Your membership of the Rewards Scheme starts as soon as you create an account on our website. It ends when you close your account or when we decide to terminate the Rewards Scheme.
  2. If you end your membership all unused points accrued by or issued to you may no longer be available. By leaving the Rewards Scheme, the customer forfeits all the points balance already accrued or issued.
  3. Loyalty Points are personal to you and cannot be transferred to anybody else. Loyalty Points may only be earned and redeemed in accordance with these terms. To this end, Loyalty Points may not be redeemed for cash or any other monetary value.
  4. We reserve the right to withdraw or cancel the Scheme at any time. We will give account holders reasonable notice in writing in order to allow you an opportunity to use up your accrued points. Customers will be informed of any termination by email. By this it is understood that El Greco Miniatures Ltd reserves the right to:
    • stop issuing Loyalty Points at any time if we decide to terminate the Loyalty Programme;
    • alter or amend the terms and conditions of operation of the Rewards Scheme by publishing notices on our website at:, our Facebook page, as well as in writing by email to the customers directly; and/or
    • withdraw or cancel the Rewards Scheme and/or the points (including but not limited to the redemption and issue of such) on reasonable notice as indicated above by email and by publishing such notice on the above-mentioned website and Facebook page.
    • A member may not accumulate points or redeem points after the termination of the Rewards Scheme. If the Rewards Scheme is terminated, all unredeemed points will be forfeited without any obligation or liability, and no Redemption claims will be honoured after the conclusion of the notice period.
  5. We reserve the right to take any appropriate action where the account holder has breached the terms and conditions of the Rewards Scheme. In the case of dispute, the decision of El Greco Miniatures Ltd. shall be final. 


Thank you for your custom over the years.