La Meridiana

La Meridiana Miniatures was born in the year 2000 from the "madness" of the undersigned who, since he was a child, has cultivated great passion for toy soldiers of all ages. Passion "set aside" during adolescence and then reappeared impetuously with the passing of the years.

Becoming a producer was a challenge especially with myself. Trying to propose subjects that aroused emotions in historical periods that I considered, in my opinion, more interesting regardless of what were the commercial trends of the moment. This approach has led me to have a precise characterization on the market, national and international, of the historical toy soldier and diorama complements. It is more than evident that my passion is mainly directed towards native Americans and everything related to the American frontier. I do not disdain "sorties" in other historical periods, such as Antiquity, the Middle Ages and Renaissance, the American Civil War, the Italian Colonial Period, etc.

The attachment to my territory, its history and its traditions, can be seen from the logo used by La Meridiana Miniatures. It reproduces, in fact, one of the two sundials located in Piazza Maggiore in Mondaino, a small village in the Province of Rimini, the town where I live.

Fabrizio Ciotti