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WIP Moroccan Spahi bust, by Roy Hunt

The following is a gallery of the Work-in-Progress images for the El Greco Miniatures “Private, Vichy French Moroccan Spahi” – EGM-BU01. This was sculpted by the late Roy Hunt. This was actually one of the two final works created by Roy, the other being a mannequin bust for Dave Maddox’s Royalist Cavalryman. Final boxart for the Spahi was painted by Dave Maddox.

The Spahi was sculpted over a one-year period and released in September 2008. The excerpts accompanying the images are taken from e-mails sent to us by Roy to update us on the progress of this commission. Sadly, Roy Hunt passed away in August 2008.

"... Just a quick update, so you can get a feel of how your guy is coming along. I’ve had a busy couple of days and not managed as much as I would have liked. See what you think of him anyways…I’m just in the process of adding volume and form to the front ..."


"... Here is the update on the Vichy bust. If this looks o.k. to you, I will cure the Super Sculpey and begin work on Monday adding the details in Magic Sculp. You can see where I intend to cut the bust at the bottom; If I add any more material lower down, I think it will perhaps appear too much like a half figure, rather than a neat bust ..."

 "... And here are some general all around shots so you can check the overall look and the shape that it will be. The lower, squarish looking form made from Magic Sculp, below the main body will be removed and I’ll make a nice shape sloping in from the rear of the bust, a bit higher up from where the detail ends in the pictures below ..."

 "... I’m nearly finished with your bust: just the helmet details, the bayonet and the pedestal to make. It has been more work than I initially thought, but I hope you like the result so far …"


"... Here are some pictures of the completed bust. You’ll notice I’ve made a tall pedestal to account for the length of the bayonet. The modeller may well prefer to use a rod, rather than the pedestal. I think it may detract a little from the overall lines of the bust ..."


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