Coming soon in real space!

As most of you know, we are a small family-run business. In late 2021, we decided to take the plunge to open a physical shop and we are now in the final stages of completion. Our business has been expanding year-on-year and more recently we needed to accommodate our 3D-printing workshop. This led to the relocation to a new business unit, which comprises a retail area and a 3D-printing workshop on the first floor.

We are hoping to have a dedicated space where you will be able to look more closely at specific models, try out some paints and brushes and generally have a good chit-chat about the hobby. 

Being a mail order business, our intention is to open to the public initially for 2 days a week, since we have to process high volume mail orders on other days. Depending on feedback and availability, we may increase the opening hours to the public.

We are still in the final stages of set-up and completion but we hope to be up and running, and open to the public in the next few weeks. So watch this space for further updates!

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