International Shipping

Between Nov. 22 and Jan. 23, due to the Royal Mail strikes, followed by the Cyber Attack on the company on 10 January, we have had a very disappointing and frustrating shipping experience. To this end, we have had to take the decision to seek other delivery companies in order to fulfil our international shipping requirements.

Further Royal Mail strikes are coming up in the next few weeks; moreover their international shipping is still not fully functional as stated in their regular updates to us: "Please be advised that delivery of International items is likely to take longer than usual, and you may notice different tracking information as items leave the UK for their destination country."

To this end, we can now announce that all international shipping is being delivered through 2 reliable courier companies (depending on the destination country). Australia and New Zealand however will still be handled through Royal Mail as courier companies can only offer Priority Express deliveries which are extremely expensive.

Some of you will have already experienced the service offered by the new couriers. We would appreciate any feedback about your experience with these new delivery services. 

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