New Resin for 3D Prints

We have been experimenting with many different UV Resins and combinations with our range of 3D printers. The main advantages of the new Resin mix are: 

  • we have been able to greatly improve the detail attainable, taking advantage of our high resolution printers; 
  • the resin is much less brittle, parts may flex slightly more but will not sag or break as easily; 
  • a much better surface finish makes sanding, sculpting conversion and painting even easier. 

From now, ALL 3D Prints will be printed in this new resin mix on our 4K and 8K 3D printers.

We are using MSLA resin printers with a resolution between 22 and 35 microns and print at a layer height of 30 microns, perfect for printing the finer details on our figures. 

The majority of 3D printed kits are printed in parts and do require assembly. This allows us to minimise scarring and damage from supports by placing them in areas hidden during assembly. However, 3D printing allows for complex shapes, overhangs and fine details not possible in the traditional casting process, so some models are printed in one piece, as provided to us by the creators. There is no assembly required with minimal cleanup before you're ready to start painting. 

All details such as scale, number of parts or options are listed in the product's description.

We hope you try out some of our 3D printed offerings; there are plenty of new 3D prints coming to the online store soon, with new releases from Hellbender Museum with a 1:12 Winged Hussar bust alongside many fantasy figures, dioramas and busts from White Werewolf Tavern, including their 32mm range.

Winged Hussar, Hellbender Museum

Ni, White Werewolf Tavern

Garoto Warlord, White Werewolf Tavern

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