Open Box - Urhuk by Black Crow Miniatures

1:10 scale resin bust by Black Crow Miniatures. Sculpted by Raul Garcia Latorre. Box art by Marc Masclans.

Black Crow Miniatures is a novel Spanish company producing a growing range of quality miniatures and busts in various scales and sizes. This is not an in depth review but a short open box description of what you can expect if you decide to purchase this kit.

Nice looking kit from Black Crow Miniatures - overall good quality casting with minimum clean-up for this particular kit. However there are remains of the casting sprue on the underside of the bust that needs to be removed. There are also faint mold lines on both shoulders. The cloak with shield which is cast as one piece fits nicely to the bust, however there is about 1mm gap that will need to be filled with some sculpting putty. The bust stands at around 8 cm from the base of the bust to the top of the head. The sculpting speaks for itself with excellent attention to detail and quality sculpting through out. The kit consists of six kit parts: the bust, the cloak with shield attached, and four smaller parts which come sealed in a zip-lock bag. Overall a good quality casting with crisp detail throughout.

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