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Jean-Roch Coignet and the King of Rome, 1811


Jean-Roch Coignet and the King of Rome, 1811

Model kit. Requires assembly and painting.

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54mm scale resin kit. Sculpted by Figurinitaly. Painted by Ivo Preda

"When I decided to make this figure I had in my brain the original made by Shepard Paine by converting Historex figures; in some ways my attempt is a tribute to Shep. I tried to represent a man frightened, not by battle and blood but by the responsibility of holding the son of the master of the world in his arms.

The episode is recounted in the memoirs written by Jean-Roch with vivid hints.

From the memories of Sergeant Coignet.

Finding myself one day in the castle of Saint Cloud, Marshal Duroc signals me to come closer. This dear child was reaching out his little hands to take my feather, I bend over and there I go, tearing my feathers.
The marshal says: "weary of it".
The child burst with joy, but the feather was sacrificed.
The marshal said to me, "Give it to him, I'll have you replaced."
The marshal said to the lady : "Give the prince to this sergeant, and let him carry him on his arms! »
Gods! I stretch out my arm to receive the precious burden. Everyone comes around me :
"Well!" said Mr. Duroc, "Is he heavy? »
"Yes, sir. »
"Come on! Walk with it, you're strong enough to carry it".
I went for a little walk on the terrace, the child was tearing out my feathers and didn't pay any attention to me. His drapes were falling very low and I was afraid of falling, ma I was happy to carry such a child. Afterwards I went to the marshal's who gave me a voucher to choose two beautiful plumes.
"Come on, my brave one! You'll have one for Sundays".

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