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King Mithridates - Part 3 (75mm)

RP Models

King Mithridates - Part 3 (75mm)

Model kit. Requires assembly and painting.

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75mm resin kit.

This will form part of a 3-part vignette of King Mithridates at the Battle of Tigranocerta.

Limited Edition of 300 units

Mithradates VI from the Greek Μιθραδάτης, born between 135–63 BC, he was the Kingdom King of Pontus, in northern Anatolia, between 120 and 63 BC. He was one of the strongest opponents of Rome, in the period of the Republic, controlling Asia Minor and the Black Sea, being one of the protagonists of the Midiatric Wars, which ended with the Romans controlling the entire region and the death of King Mithridates. Mithridates is considered by many to be the greatest King of the Kingdom of Pontus, and he himself saw himself as a reincarnation of Alexander the Great. During his youth, his mother tried to poison him, and when he realized the situation, Mithridates fled, and that was where the interest in poisons, and the animals that produced them, was born. According to historians, Mithridates began to study poisons and what were the effects / consequences of these on humans. After your father's death, Mithridates returns to claim the throne, becoming the King of Pontus, being a very cultured person speaking several languages ​​and having knowledge of the different cultures and peoples that existed in his kingdom. Mithridates presents the first historical records on behaviors about poisons, and their consequences, being he responsible for the development of a universal antidote, which was called “Mithradatium ”, a formula that has been lost in time. Mithridates for fear of being poisoned inoculated small portions of poison in itself, and when he was defeated by the Romans and attempted suicide through administration of poison, it did not work, because his body was able to produce antibodies that guaranteed his immunity. He had to ask an element of his personal guard to end his life, to avoid being captured by the Romans.

Text courtesy of RP Models.

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