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Lt. Sheeba Shayne

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Lt. Sheeba Shayne

Model kit. Requires assembly and painting.

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1:10 Scale resin Bust. Sculpted by Romain Van Den Bogaert. Boxart by Marc Masclans. Kit includes: 9 kit parts.

If you had met little Sheeba in her teenage years, you might already have realized that she was going to be a cop. Trying to define a stance in the Buzz Aldrin High School was not easy, as most of the kids from the suburbs of Mars City were quite wild, a generation defined by the feeling that everything was possible.

Her dad loved the old crime movies from the ’70s and she grew fascinated by them too; the outlandish looks of characters like Lafayette Williams or Taboo Vanderbilt, powerful women dressed in flashy colors with towering afros in order to fight the crime in style, the cars, the slang… everything was so cool and provocative! And it also reminded her of her home back in Chicago. Earth was not much more than a faint memory and most of it was composed of dark images of a dying world. Their parents had made a smart decision when moving to Mars, even if the place obviously lacked the charm of the old planet.

So when she started dressing in the style of her tough heroines, some people raised an eyebrow when she entered the main hall. After all, High School was probably ill-prepared for a shy girl with braids, braces, and glasses, wearing leopard skin jeans and tees with movies’ catchphrases like “This bitch is back, and this time she’ll get vengeance!” or “She’s bad, she’s mean, she’s a lovin’ machine”.

In time, she went beyond the aesthetics and realized that she was attracted by those characters because, like her, they were not afraid of fighting for a good cause. Then she knew she would become a policewoman one day.

Today, Lt. Sheeba Shayne is one of the most decorated police officers of Mars City. She is really strict and professional in all matters regarding her work but… who said that you can’t kick those bitches’ asses with a bit of style?

Text Courtesy of FeR Miniatures

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