Rogers Ranger

La Meridiana SKU: FR54-12
Rogers Ranger
Rogers Ranger

Rogers Ranger

La Meridiana SKU: FR54-12
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54mm white metal kit. Sculpted by Salvatore Miraglia. Boxart by Danilo Cartacci. kit parts includes: 10 pieces.

Between 1754 and 1763, Europe and America were intrigued with the conflict between England, led by King George II, and France, ruled by King Louis XV. In Europe, this conflict became known as the Seven Year War while in North America it became known as the French-Indian War.

 The inciting factor was the progressive expansion on the North American territories and, mainly, trade. In order to fortify the colonies and to oppose the French and Indian forces, soldiers of the Crown were sent directly from England to join the colonial militia recruited from among the civil population. The English army quickly noted that the territories were not suited for traditional fighting with numerous formations and ranks. The imposing forests and the mountainous terrain, in fact, required fighting men who had good knowledge of the territory as well as of the enemy they had to confront, skilful scouts and more importantly, experts in laying ambush. It is said that men from the local communities were recruited to form companies of Rangers, mostly coming from the territories of the Valley of the Hudson River. Robert Rogers, from New Hampshire, formed the most numerous of these companies of rangers.

 “on the 23rd day, I met the General, and was very amicably received; he explained to me his intent to entrust me with the command of an independent company of rangers, and immediately, the next morning, I received the mandate, with the orders”

 Rogers grew up in the south of New Hampshire, in an area which had known several Indian incursions. He had within him the knowledge and the right spirit to become an excellent commander of the rangers, and both him and his brother James, were both at the service of the King. Soon his company, Rogers Rangers, was working in the extreme regions of the Hudson River where he became renowned for his successful but less orthodox fighting tactics.

 “my men are hidden, lying low in a willow copse, while I creep up and approach some pine stumps, where I hide, close to some bushes on my land”

 Rogers enlisted men only on their merits, shocking the English commanders by using Indians and by not taking prisoners. He instructed his men in small tactical units. His actions were so audacious and effective that the troop became the main scout troop in the military forces of the Crown even at the end of 1750.


“occasionally, using my best manoeuvres to torment the French and their allies, sacking, burning and destroying their homes, stables, huts, canoes, ships, etc. and killing every species of their livestock; and every time setting traps and destroying their convoys of goods on land and in water, in every part of the territory where I can drive them out”.

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