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Waffen-SS Patrol, Russia, 1943

FeR Miniatures

Waffen-SS Patrol, Russia, 1943

Model kit. Requires assembly and painting.

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This kit includes Two 1:12 scale resin busts. Sculpted by Ramón Martínez. Accessories sculpt (helmet and K98) Calvin Tan. Accessories 3D sculpt (MP40 and binoculars): HD Models
Boxart by Calvin Tan. Kit includes: 19  kit parts -  including bare helmets/ hats  for both kits.

On the eve of the Second World War, the paramilitary formation known as Schutzstaffel or SS had started an ample militarization process in order to become the elite troops of the Nazi war machine.

After participating in small units on the annexation actions prior to the war, these troops started to organize as divisions that would participate with full operative force in France and the Netherlands campaigns. Probably, they were the most motivated and ruthless fighters in the Second World War.

During the Eastern Front campaign, the Waffen-SS were often the spearhead of the German invasion force and were engaged in numerous actions until the end of the war. That, combined with their ideological position and the harsh conditions of the war in the East, made them responsible for numerous war crimes and atrocities.

As elite troops, the received earlier the best equipment and were the first to use camouflage garments as a standard part of the uniform.

Our vignette portrays two members of a Waffen-SS patrol, one officer and one specialist soldier. They wear some standard equipment that spans more or less the period between 1940 and 1944. The camouflage garments can be decorated with diverse patterns. Exclusive to the set is the option of bare helmets for both busts.

Text Courtesy of FeR Miniatures

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