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Swiss Halberdier, 15th Century

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Swiss Halberdier, 15th Century

Model kit. Requires assembly and painting.

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54mm scale resin kit. Sculpted by Mike Blank. Boxart by Alfonso Prado. kit includes: 9 pieces

Swiss mercenaries were a common sight throughout all Europe during the Renaissance period. These fierce men were highly demanded in an era in which the military commanders were more inclined to hire corps of veteran and highly trained professional soldiers than resorting to feudal-style levies of unskilled numbers.

They developed a unique style of fighting that involved deep columns of men, armed with their famous long pikes, supported by halberdiers and skirmishers. Until the arrival of the handguns to the European battlefields, any army incorporating enough units of Swiss infantry was considered impossible to beat.

Our figure depicts a halberdier dressed in the black and yellow characteristic from the canton of Uri.

Text courtesy of FeR Miniatures

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