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Venetian Halberdier2nd half 15th Century

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Venetian Halberdier2nd half 15th Century

Model kit. Requires assembly and painting.

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75mm scale resin kit. Scuk;pted by Oriol Quin. Boxart by Alfonso Prado. kit includes: 11 kit parts (Including optional spear head)

The Venetian Republic, also informally known as La Serenissima, was an influent actor during the Middle-Ages and the Renaissance. This thalassocracy relied in commerce and a strong fleet to extend its influence to the farthest corners of the Mediterranean Sea.

During the XV century, Venice was involved in a fierce fight with the Ottoman Empire for the supremacy in Eastern Mediterranean commerce, which originated from the times of the Crusades and escalated after the Turkish conquest of the Kingdom of Bosnia in 1463. During most of their history, the Venetians had relied on a militia and hiring mercenaries, but that was not enough anymore once the Republic started to claim lands.

The Venetian Republic, like any other European armies, relied in units than adjusted to the warfare tactics of the moment, being one of the most important the foot soldiers armed with spears and halberds.

Our miniature features one of these soldiers, armed with a choice of spear or halberd and carrying a shield with the lion of St. Mark, the patron of Venice. It can be painted to portray several other armies of the period.

Text Courtesy of FeR Miniatures

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